Iconic Foods you must try in Los Angeles


If you are a foodie then you will enjoy your trip to Los Angeles. It’s a city that is not only great for sight-seeing but also for food. There are lots of restaurants out there that serve unique and quality food to its guests. The restaurants are located in the busy streets of Los Angeles and you can easily visit them on cars rented from rental24h.com.

The chefs of Los Angeles are famous for creating globally inspired dishes. Some of these dishes become culinary icons and are featured in menus in other restaurants around the world as well. These dishes are delicious and people keep coming back to the restaurants for these iconic dishes. Here are the five iconic foods you should try in Los Angeles.

1. The French Dip Sandwich

This iconic dish was created in 1918 at Philippe’s which is located near the Chinatown. This dish was actually created accidentally. One day a hungry police officer ordered for a roast beef sandwich at the Philippe’s and the chef put the sandwich in a pan that was full of hot meat juice taken right for the oven. The police officer loved it so much that he came again with his friends to try out this new delicious dish. So, this is how the French Dip Sandwich was born. This sandwich can be made with roast pork, turkey, ham or leg of lamb as well and is served on a French roll. You can add different types of cheese too. You should definitely try it out if you are in Los Angeles.

2. Chili Dog – Pink’s

This restaurant started its journey in 1939 as a pushcart in Hollywood. In 1946, they opened a big restaurant on North La Brea and the restaurant was ever crowded since then. The most iconic dish of this restaurant is the chili hotdog that is made with onions and mustard on a steamed bun. You will find about 30 different hot dog menus at the restaurant and some of them are named after famous chefs and celebrities.

3. Chicken and Waffles – Roscoe’s

This restaurant was opened in 1975 in Gower, Hollywood. Now you will find the restaurant in seven different locations across the city. The signature food of this restaurant is chicken and waffles. It is a mix of sweet and salty juicy fried chicken served with huge waffles. You can choose from various options, like a quarter chicken with two waffles or half chicken with two waffles, etc. This restaurant is a popular choice among celebrities. Roscoe’s was also featured in a number of movies and TV reality shows.

4. Smoked Salmon Pizza – Spago

It was originally opened on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood in 1982. It is truly a celebrity spot. Its iconic dish smoked salmon pizza is now a staple of California cuisine. This dish was created by chance when the kitchen of the restaurant ran out of brioche. This pizza has the following ingredients:

• Smoked salmon

• Red onion

• Chili and garlic oil

• Chives

• Dill crème Fraiche

For extra flavor, you can top up your pizza with Beluga or Osetra caviar. If you visit LA, don’t forget to drop by the Canon Drive in Beverly Hills and try out the smoked salmon pizza offered during lunch hours.

5. Hickory Burger – The Apple Pan

This popular restaurant opened in 1947. The iconic Hickory Burger is a must-try food if you are in LA. It consists of a beef patty, sweet and smoky hickory sauce, pickles, mayo, and chilled iceberg lettuce to give you that crunchiness. You can add melted Tillamook cheddar if you want to as something extra. The burger is served in paper plates just like the old times. When you visit this restaurant you must have cash with you, as they won’t accept any other method of payment.

These dishes have been loved by people of every walk of life for generations. The timeless iconic dishes just mentioned are must-have dishes to try if you are in Los Angeles. Just get a car from rental24h.com and hop to some of these popular restaurants for the tasting these mouth-watering iconic foods.