Most Incredible America Road Trips

Are you looking for the best American road trips that you can explore? There are very many road trips that one can participate in and have a lot of fun. In this article, we are going to look at the various American road trips that you will find fascinating. Taking these routes will give you a new way to experience America at its best.

Best American Road Trips.

Route 66.

This is a classic American road trip that begins at Lake Michigan and leads you all the way to LA. This route can be done in two weeks however a month is recommended if you want to have enough time to explore all the attractions here. There is the America oldest church, St Joseph, in Laguna Pueblo, The world biggest rocking chair fanning, Missouri.

Great River Road.

If you take this route you will travel alongside the biggest river in America, Mississippi. This route is great for nature lovers with numerous wildlife resort, for instance, Theodore Roosevelt Refuge and Yazoo refuge. There are numerous quaint river towns such as Rosedale and Greenville where you can spend a night.

The Loneliest Road.

This route runs from the Ocean City, Maryland and ends in Sacramento, California. It goes through twelve states and four state capitals and stretches through Nevada. The fantastic views between Great Basin National Park and Nevada beach are some of the most amazing in America. You should bring a camera to capture some pics here.

Overseas Highway.

You can opt for a mini road trip such as the Overseas Highway if you feel that spending days cramped up in your vehicle is appealing enough. This sunshine route takes only 3- 4 hours and stretches up to 2 of Florida’s leading beach locations.

Hill Country.

If you want to experience a lot of fun that American routes have to offer then this should be one of the routes that you should not miss. The route starts from the north of Austin in San Antonio and takes you through the cowboy capital, Bandera, where you will have to dance to the sounds of Willie Nelson and appreciate onion rings once you are at Silver Dollar Saloon.

Having gone through the above, you now know some the best American roads trips that you should not afford to miss. If you want to have maximum fun and easy time when exploring these road trips then consider hiring car rent 24. With car rent 24 you will have unlimited fun exploring all that these routes have to offer.